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Over the 13 years we have been in business, our company has constantly been on an upward trend, our turnover, profitability and market share increasing continuously.

The Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has also recognised the activity of Team Logistic Specialists. We are proud that over the last few years, TLS has won the first position in “Top Companies” in Bucharest (2014) and nationally (2015).

What sets TEAM LOGISTIC SPECIALISTS / YANG MING LINE apart from other containerised maritime transport suppliers?

In this dynamic and challenging industry, we have learned that the most important thing is communicating with the clients and constantly keeping them informed about the status of their orders.


Therefore, TEAM LOGISTIC SPECIALISTS is organised in departments structured to answer the clients’ demands/questions any time:

1. SALES department – offers information about the services / client advisor;

2. EXPORT DOCUMENTATION department – issues documents regarding export/ offers information about the services used/ notifies clients about tranship, estimated arrival times, issues loaded container status/ notifies the clients in due time about any unforeseen event that may occur;

3. IMPORT DOCUMENTATION department – keeps the client up to date with the status of the order after it has been received/ informs and sends reports with the orders loaded by the suppliers/ notifies clients about tranship, the estimated leaving/arrival dates, issues notifications of the loaded containers/ notifies the clients in due time about any unforeseen event that may occur.


TEAM LOGISTIC SPECIALISTS’ PROACTIVE TEAM stays at the customer’s disposal and uses their knowledge, diligence and effort to have an open collaboration and offer them all the necessary information that will allow them to choose the best logistics solution for their goods.

We promise your goods will be safely transported with us!